Hardware and Software Upgrades

CLS960 Computer Upgrade

Florida Laser Service sells a state of the art computer to replace the PC computer that is in the Chicago Laser System CLS960. The old AT style computer/video card/software are no longer available. This new computer is a modern, very fast ATX style with an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ, 2 Gigs of RAM, A National Instruments GPIB card, an 80 Gigabyte SATA Hard Drive, a CD/DVD Drive, and a 1.44 Megabyte diskette drive. The system uses the Windows XP operating system making it fully supportable. It is a complete drop in replacement for the old computer. The brand new video frame grabber board allows pattern recognition instead of just video edge detection. The new computer runs the very latest version of the GTE laser trimming software. All previous trim jobs are fully backwards compatable. It comes with a software license for one machine.

CLSProTM Software

CLSProTM is a Windows based software application which allows users of CLS/ESI Option E+ Laser Trimmers to eliminate the need for the obsolete Sony System and User diskette drives by replacing them with a PC.  Using CLSProTM, the operating system is loaded directly via the PC.  Additionally, user jobs are loaded from, and saved to anywhere on the PC or factory network.  CLSProTM also allows jobs to be printed on local or network printers. CLSProTM has a full feature menu interface to provide quick access to Job I/O (Job New, Job Load,  Job Save), Help Files, Checkers, Step and Repeat Menus, Statistics, Datalog Options as well as Operating System Load. For users wishing to keep the exact look and feel of their exiting jobs, a data transfer switch box is included with CLSProTM allowing users to quickly switch between the PC and the WYSE terminal with a flick of a switch.  This allows CLSProTM users to retain the full functionality of any custom WYSE terminal functions in their jobs such as cursor positioning and reverse highlighting.

CLS37PC Software

This software allows a CLS 33/37 with Zilog Computer or a PC152 single board computer, to be connected to a Pentium PC running Windows 98, eliminating the need for the 8" floppy drives which may be removed from machine. The PC downloads CLS37 DOS into the Zilog's memory directly. It allows laser trim jobs to be uploaded and downloaded onto the PC hard drive.
Note: If the machine is a CLS 33, a Crystal change to the autocut board is required along with a backplane modification. These changes can be done inhouse. Florida Laser Service can supply the following required hardware:

  • Replacement Crystal for Autocut Card
  • Pentium PC, Keyboard, and Monitor


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